Reutech Mining MSR CGI Video

on Monday, 02 December 2013. Posted in Multimedia Projects

Reutech Mining MSR CGI Video

Motion2pixels were approached by Reutech Mining to create a CGI Animation Video for their Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR).

The project had two goals namely:

  • Use the 4 main words of the MSR slogan (Safety and Productivity through Accuracy and Reliability) to demonstrate the features of the MSR contained in a fictional Open Pit Mine scenario.
  • Should be able to use elements of the final video in the Slope Stability 2013 Presentation.
  • Scenario 1 of the video illustrates how the MSR operates and detects sub-millimetric slope movements in a fictional Open Pit Mine scenario acting as an early warning system preventing fatalities and damage to equipment.

    Scenario 2 illustrates that the MSR can operate in very harsh environments and conditions.

    The final video was successfully launched at the Slope Stability 2013 Expo in Australia.

    Reutech Mining MSR CGI Video

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