Reutech Radar Systems

Reutech Case Study Image


Motion2pixels were approached by Reutech Radar Systems to create CGI Animation Videos for their Stealthrad Radars. The project had two goals namely:

  • To create CGI Animation Videos to demonstrate what sets the Stealthrad Radars apart in the following scenarios, Anti-Smuggling & Border Control as well as Landward & Maritime Domain Awareness.
  • To present the videos in a format which can be easily understood by potential clients.


Various alternative concepts were considered before a decision was made to create a Satellite Interface System zooming into Fictional Topographical Maps on a 3D rotating image of the Earth.

Scenarios were created which set the scene to illustrate the problem areas on the topographical maps and how the Stealthrad Radars are implemented to detect the various threats.

A variety of features were used in the videos including: 3D animated illustrations of original design concepts, Real life illustrations in Slideshow format, Integration and compositing of video footage, Texturing and animating of 3D models of the Stealthrad Radars, Matching Sound Effects.


The final video applications were delivered to the client in:

  • Full 1080p high definition video format as well as
  • Blu-Ray Menu format containing interactive motion menus, motion transitions and matching sound effects which can be used as a marketing tool at various expos.

The client's satisfaction with the final video applications led to a request for a further video application to illustrate the features of the Stealthrad Radars.

The video applications have subsequently been showcased at various expo's and at potential client consultations.