Background Motion2pixels Digital Art
Supermarine Aircraft Background Illustration
Space Background Scene
Motion2pixels Digital Design
Desktop Illustration Digital Art
Aircraft 3D model
Tank 3D model
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 3D model

We provide Innovative Multimedia Solutions through Digital Art & Animation to showcase complex products & concepts in a simplified way.

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Supermarine Aircraft Digital Art
Explosion Background 2
Explosion Background 4
Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft Illustration
Explosion Background 1
Engine Overlay
Explosion Background 3
Connection Line
Aircraft Engine

Rolls-Royce merlin
45 supercharged v12 engine

Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft Side view
Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft Top view
rectange aircraft wingspan


rectange aircraft speed
rectange aircraft length
rectange aircraft height




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Background Motion2pixels Digital Art
Motion2pixels Digital Design
Desktop Illustration Digital Art
Aircraft 3D model
Tank 3D model
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 3D model

We provide Innovative Multimedia Solutions through Digital Art & Animation to showcase complex products & concepts in a simplified way.

Motion2pixels Logo White
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Our Story


Who We Are

Motion2pixels is an owner operated young and upcoming Digital Design company from South Africa who specializes in Innovative Multimedia Solutions and Web Design / Development serving both local and international clients. The company is run by Mario Mons a qualified web developer who has always had a specific interest & passion for 3D Animation, Digital Art & Motion Graphics.


What We Offer

We provide a full spectrum of services from Innovative Multimedia Solutions including: CGI Animation videos (2D & 3D), Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, Video Editing & Compositing, Screen Graphic Design, 3D Product Visualizations, etc. specifically focusing on cutting edge technology products/solutions in the commercial and defence fields to Custom Web Design & Development.


Why We Do It

We believe by utilizing Digital Art & 2D/3D Animation we offer the clients, unique & innovative solutions to showcase complex products & concepts in a simplified way that resonates with the specific target audience thereby reaching a global market. The company strives to form lasting relationships with its clients through good communication, hard work and by exceeding the clients expectations.


Portfolio Showcase

Responsive Multi-page Web Design & Development
Traditional multi-page responsive user friendly websites designed & developed with a modular structure in mind utilizing a Content Management Sytem (CMS) , so you can start simple and add features as your business grows in complexity.
One-Page Website Solutions
Our one-page interactive website solutions utilize our skillset in 3D design & animation to create unique user experiences tailored to client specifications, showcasing specific products or solutions.
360 Product Viewers
360 degree product viewers for the MSR (Movement and Surveying Radar) & SSP (Sub Surface Profiler) Reutech Mining products providing a full 360 degree view of the products on the Reutech Mining website.
RSR 410 Radar CGI Videos
RSR 410 CGI Video showcase
3D CGI animation videos created for the RSR 420 radar provided by Reutech Radar Systems. The videos was developed by utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to create real-time rendering of the product in the operating environment.
SSP CGI 3D Animation Video
CGI animation videos showcase
3D CGI animation videos illustrating complex products & solutions in a simplified way through real concept simulations providing the key features of the product/solution.
CGI Animation Teaser Videos
CGI animation teaser videos showcase
Various short CGI animation teaser videos created specifically to introduce a new product/solution usually showcased at product launches or expo/exhibition events to build anticipation and interest for the product/solution.
FUI / Screen Graphics
Designing, animating and compositing of advanced looking computer displays and data info design that tell or move along stories in specific animation projects.
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects
Motion Graphics & Visual Effecs Showreel showcasing design & animation of various motion graphic elements for the illustration of key concepts in 2D & 3D animation videos as well as the incorporation of various visual effects (computer generated and live visual effect elements).
3D Product Visualizations Videos
3D Product Visualization Showcase
CGI 3D Product Visualization videos created for Reutech Mining. The videos provide an overview of the main features contained in the high-tech engineering products through highlighting several key components within these products.
Logo Animations & Motion Graphics Video
Logo Animations Showcase
Compilation video containing various 3D logo animations and Motion graphic elements.
Corporate Company Promotional Videos
Corporate Company Promotional Videos Showcase
Corporate Company Promotional CGI Video created for Azoteq. Azoteq is a fabless semiconductor company with a two-decade track record of innovation and the creation of intellectually rich products.
Training / Explainer Videos
CGI Animation videos specifically focusing on explaining how a specific product is operated or for providing technical training for specific products & concepts in a simple, engaging, and meaningful way.
PIMS CGI Animation Video
PIMS CGI Animation Video Showcase
CGI Animation Video created for the Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System (PIMS) from Reutech Radar Systems. A Voice-Over was added to the video to accompany the CGI Animation.
Creative 3D Illustrations
Creative illustrations utilizing 3D design to illustrate key concepts & features for various products & concepts worked on throughout the years.
Various Branding & Corporate Identity Designs including: Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Banner Designs, etc. completed throughout the years.

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